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Simple ChatGPT client in the terminal

I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to make a simple ChatGPT client, but they seemed a bit outdated so I fiddled until I had the very simple thing I wanted.

Firstly important: this does not really compute the AI answer on your machine, it is just a client interface to the OpenAI cloud solution.

You will need a API-key from OpenAI.
There might be a billing model attached by now; look that up before you spam the AI.

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2023/01/13 13:12 · 0 Comments

Nightmare: Lost Smartphone

Now it happened to me. I probably mocked others too often.

The good thing: with Sim-PIN, Pattern Password und Fingerprint unlocking it's almost impossible to run it with my Google Account anymore. Would that be possible easier, a finder could e.g. use all stored password in Chrome.

Now it was gone and I had time to think.

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2022/12/21 12:51 · 0 Comments
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