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The small success stories are the ones that count.

Relaxed travel planning in 4 columns

"I must have forgotten something" - this was always my biggest concern when travelling.

On the first few travels I always wrote lists with all the things to pack.

But since several years I now "misuse" a Kanban-Board for this.

This board, once created, can be re-used on every travel.

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2022/11/26 15:15

OneNote goes BulletJournal

During the BarCamp Stuttgart in 2018 I visited a Session about Bullet Journaling and tried it immediately.

This uplifting feeling of getting an overview on my life in long- as well as short term, was simply put amazing.

The Bullet Journal is traditionally on paper. In private life I think this is the bast way to use it. But in the company, paper always means a media break and creates more work when digitally would actually be better.

In my company we have a limited software catalog and I tried several of the tools to get a grip on my daily work. Eventually I thought, I'll give OneNote a try, which's existence and value was always a mystery to me - but it payed off.

OneNote is a "do-what-you-want" canvas, comparable to an empty sheet of paper. As soon as you apply a structure of "philosophy" to it, it can be everything you want and become actually helpful. In my case it became "my work journal".

Since January 2022 I haven't made a single note on paper and my self-organization at work has improved dramatically.
This is my approach:

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2022/11/12 14:50 · 0 Comments

Linux: debugging for missing files in Steam Workshop Mods

I wanted to use some mods with Civilisation 6 but once installed, parts of the game did not work properly anymore.

One of the crucial differences between Windows and Linux, is that Linux cares for uppercase and lowercase letters in filenames. So a Mod Developer using Windows may not even recognize that a filename has a case issue.

To debug the files a program wants to access you can use strace on Linux.

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2022/10/22 18:29
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