Relaxed travel planning in 4 columns

"I must have forgotten something" - this was always my biggest concern when travelling.

On the first few travels I always wrote lists with all the things to pack.

But since several years I now "misuse" a Kanban-Board for this.

This board, once created, can be re-used on every travel.

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OneNote goes BulletJournal

During the BarCamp Stuttgart in 2018 I visited a Session about Bullet Journaling and tried it immediately.

This uplifting feeling of getting an overview on my life in long- as well as short term, was simply put amazing.

The Bullet Journal is traditionally on paper. In private life I think this is the bast way to use it. But in the company, paper always means a media break and creates more work when digitally would actually be better.

In my company we have a limited software catalog and I tried several of the tools to get a grip on my daily work. Eventually I thought, I'll give OneNote a try, which's existence and value was always a mystery to me - but it payed off.

OneNote is a "do-what-you-want" canvas, comparable to an empty sheet of paper. As soon as you apply a structure of "philosophy" to it, it can be everything you want and become actually helpful. In my case it became "my work journal".

Since January 2022 I haven't made a single note on paper and my self-organization at work has improved dramatically.
This is my approach:

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