Link Diary June 2024

This is usually in the context menu when you right-click.

BUT not if there's a spelling mistake in the text. Ignore or accept that spelling mistake first, then you can right click and remove the hyperlink.

Public domain audio books

Many classics are royalty free. This community creates Audio books of classics like "Don Quijote" or "Goethes Faust".

Steam Deck Desktop mode

To enter it, you have to attempt to shut down the device. There's the option in the dialog.

When in Desktop mode and you have no keyboard but need one, open the keyboard with SteamKey + X.

JavaScript browser-automation with Puppeteer

This is useful to execute javascripts in a User Acceptance test. Or if you want to build a scraper and the website to scrape relies heavily on JavaScript.

Video Picks

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Prepare mesh to sell

The BlenderKit tutorial explains basic settings a commercial object should have.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
How a nuclear war starts (german)

Quick decisions in tense situations have a tendency to go wrong.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
3D: When to use Quads?

There are very good reasons for using quads. Also, he quadifies a horrible boolean mesh in only 3 hours - incredible.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Blender: Add water ripples around objects in water

Using a material and a helper collection. Really cool and simple.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Big huntsman spider

Crawing on hands.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Nuclear power is back.

For the environment. Wait, what?

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Lighting is important

This young man demonstrates how a regular pale live video can look premium with a few tweaks.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Mix wrong blood types

This showcases why this is a deadly mistake; clogging the system.


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