Link Diary May 2024


From 29.5. to 2.6. was the Gulaschprogrammiernacht, organized by the CCC of Karlsruhe.

Videos can be found here:

Recommended (german):

Let them know where to report a security issue

Place a security.txt in your .well-known folder of your website.

Dad joke cowsay

This Bash script randomizes all possible parameters and figures of cowsay plus fetches a dad joke to tell.

bubble_array=("say" "think")
bubble=${bubble_array[$((RANDOM % ${#bubble_array[@]}))]}

parameters="-b -d -g -p -s -t -w -y"
mood=${param_array[$((RANDOM % ${#param_array[@]}))]}

cow=`ls /usr/share/cowsay/cows | sort -R | head -1`

foo=$(curl -s -H "Accept: text/plain"
cow$bubble $mood -f "$cow" $foo

Wayland eyecandy

A wayland tiling compositor (aka window manager in X11). Controversial, I heard.

Assist in building a PC

PC Part Picker will help you find components that fit together.

Predictive analysis

I'm doing an AI/ML course and this was the first mentioned tool: sklearn

Video Picks

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Linus Torvald on a career in Linux

Just on time for the Linux Presentation in May 2025. Linux is everywhere.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Linux Penguin origins

What is the story behind the Linux penguin Tux?

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
ChatGTP-4o demo

ChatGTP-4o release intro was pretty impressive.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Bad at the job with AI

Stating the obvious. It's great assistance when you know what you're doing.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Raspberry Pi 5 NAS

Building a NAS with Raspberry Pi 5

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Skyrim Rivers' origin

This guy followed the water in Skyrim to its source.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Origami and Science

Folding matter seems to be a natural evolution.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Apple Vision Seethrough video chat

Impressive demonstration and test of what works how.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Eating cookies as a job

Making a pleasurable vice your job can turn out to be a bad idea.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Fun with french

What a missing H can cause …

Youtube Preview/VorschauYoutube Preview/VorschauYoutube Preview/VorschauYoutube Preview/VorschauYoutube Preview/Vorschau
Slicing agile teams

From function departments to cross functional teams.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
An essay on UUID history

Very interesting look on the UUID standards and why one remains.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
The Slayer Guy gets a private show

This guy travels half the country to scream "SLAYER!!!" on the wish-call.


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