Useful prompts for large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT

Here's a collection of ~60 prompts I used to make my life easier. I use it majorly as a kickstart assistant as you'll see.

They are provided like templates, so to use them you may have to replace things in <brackets> with your own situation or query.

Story telling - unblock yourself, get inspiration

Story plot ideas

I want to pitch a <media channel> series which involves <specific topic/brand>. What could be the plot?

Game Jam ideas

I want to participate in a game jam. The topic is "<topic>". Do you have an two short ideas for me how a game with this topic could look?

Bedtime story on demand

Tell me a Story of an extra ordinate <animal> that is underestimated, aiming for a purpose and learning about its real purpose. Make up his goal by yourself.

Recommendations - find things you may like

Food recommendation

I am at a <cuisine> restaurant. I like <ingredient> and great flavor. What can you recommend?

Music recommendation

Give me some bands like "<band name>".
I like <artist-1> and <artist-2>, <artist-3> and <artist-4>. What other musician may I like?

More equipment

I want to <goal/sport>. I already bought <thing-1>, <thing-2> and <thing-3>. What else could I need?

Help to find more options

I am <doing something> but it does not work. I have trouble <problem>. I already tried * <one thing> * <another thing>

What else could I check?

Assist in creative writing


Create 10 attention-grabbing slogans for <your cause>. Not more than 5 words per slogan.


Write a poem about <topic> in two verses in the style of <poet>.


Write a proclamation for <topic> in two short paragraphs in the style of <charismatic leader>.

Writing a book step by step

Let's talk about <topic>. What aspects are there to <topic>?
Regarding <first suggestion>, what is considered good and <other important metric>?
What influences <first suggestion>?

Educational video contents

Give me 8 <culture> techniques to overcome <situation/habit>
What are the benefits of <best-practice>?

Factual presentation

What is <topic>?
Tell me a story about <someone> that deals with <topic>.
Can you give me 20 buzzwords that are relevant in <field/method/setup>?
Make some examples for <topic>.
Tell me some nice to know's about <topic>.

For work - save time, get ideas

Writing mails


A urgent meeting is upcoming. <name> is mandatory to attend. The topic is <topic>. Write a motivating email, so <he/she> will join. Make it only one paragraph.

Angry to polite

I waited 10 minutes. Totally disrespectful, so mad. Next time be on time!! Please rephrase this nicely but firmly into an an email to this colleague which I'm so mad at right now.


The event "<event name>" is happening on <date>. The event is about <description>. Write an invitation email that is short but exciting.

The right subject

What would be a good subject for that mail?

Polite decline

I cannot join the 1 hour meeting tomorrow. Write a polite Email to the inviter.

Creative Team names

Our team name is <long version> and is usually abbreviated with <abbrevation>. We do <team's purpose>. Make 5 other long versions of our abbrevation that are funny and loosely connected to our field of work.
It should sound official in a corporate environment.
Our team does <team's purpose>. Come up with 5 team names matching the purpose, which's acronym also results in <short funny word>.
Which 2-4 letter abbreviation should be avoided for business projects or team names because the are inappropriate, rude, nerdy or dirty? Give 10 examples.

Mission and Vision

Create a vision statement and a mission statement for highly professional <field of work> team.
You are a fashion consultant. First ask me what I want to put on and for which piece I need advise. Then make 2 recommendations for the piece in question.
Less classic please. More edgy.
Also consider sustainability. Does your recommendation change?
How could I make it myself?

Writing user stories

For our <platform> i have to write a user story. we want to change <topic> to reach <goal>. Please write the user story according to Scrum best practices.

Job description

Please explain what a <role title> is supposed to do.

Vacation at home

Give me 10 funny word plays for "being at home" that resemble popular travel destinations.

Thesis consultant

You are my thesis consultant. I have to find a topic in <industry/field>. Ask 5 questions which I can asnwer with yes/no, that will narrow down the scope. Ask one question at a time and wait for my answer. Afterwards recommend my 5 matching topics.

Tech stuff - generate things

Deriving specs

I have this XML data here. Can you make me a DTD for it? <data>
I have this JSON data here. Can you make me a JSON Schema for it? <data>

Generate data

I need 20 entries that follow the pattern [number]\t[name]\t[age]. Example: 005 Peter 34

Expand your scope - find more information

I liked the book "<title>" by <author>. Do you know books in a similar style?


What special dishes do you recommend to try in <city/country>?
Tell me something interesting about <town>.

(older) Book or movie summary

Write a summary of <author>'s classic book "<book title>" in 3 paragraphs.
Write are the key learnings or takeways of the movie <movie>?

Job outlook

When I'm professionally interested in <topic-1>, <topic-2> and <topic-3>, what else should I be interested in?

Education consultant

You are my training plan consultant. I have a job in <field/department>. I understand <topics you're familiar with> but when I it comes to <curcumstances>, I struggle. Ask me 10 questions to clarify my knowledge and skill level and then make 3 suggestions of topics I should start learning prioritized for sustainable knowledge that will help me in this job for a very long time. Ask me one question at a time and wait for my answer.

Finding creative names

Event names

On <date> we will have a <event purpose>. It is about <topics>. We'll have <surroundings/circumstances>. Make a 3 word event name where each word starts with the same letter.

Thing names

Give me names for my new <device> that are based on word plays with famous people names, things, food or places. It should be funny.

City names for Civilization

I need 10 city names that sound funny in <language> but also sound as it they were from <civilization>. They should have <language> phonetics.

Computer names

Linux computer name

What would be a cool hostname for a laptop with <Linux distribution> that is used for daily life and some hacking? The name should not be longer than 8 characters.

Play Games

Play Jeopardy

Let's play Jeopardy. I have some clues for you with a) an overarching topic and b) a statement which require the correct question which then in result would have the given statement as answer to it. Understood?

Conversational - turn around derailed situations

Fact check

Is it true that <wild statement of a friend>?
Why isn't it a good idea to <wild statement of a friend>?
what are the <technical/personal/operational/societal> complications that arise when doing so?
Why is it that <observed curcumstance>?
What's the difference between <topic> and <very similar topic>?

Get opposing opinion

Give me some reasons to reject <actually useful thing>.
<actually useful thing> is useful but there are people that don't like it. What is their reasoning?

Finding an excuse

My friends are going to the <type of event> on a monday evening. What are good reasons not to go either?


Translate this to <language>:



Since it's a conversation you can always follow up like

Give me 10 more.
Is there more to know?
It should also cover <importact aspect>.
And now make it a rhyme.


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