Gaming with Linux - Linux Presentation Day 2022.1

The event took place may 21st. 2022 I may continue this format at Twitch.

Below you find some information on gaming with Linux.

During the event (3 hours) we randomly played games of a collection of more than 1000 games. We played 10 games in total - from indie to AAA titles. Every game had a time window of 15 minutes to play it or to get it to run.

The Games: may, 21st

Game Platform Launcher Playable Notes
A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP Lutris yes Natively for Linux available.
co-open Lutris yes Natively for Linux available.
Far Cry 5 Steam Steam yes Experienced frame drops.
Other Minds Lutris yes Natively for Linux available. Linux Version: Fehler wegen libcrypto1.1. Nur die Windows Version tat.
Moving Out Epic Lutris yes Had to use Epic Game Store Client in Lutris, didn't start using the EGS integration.
Slay the Spire Steam Steam yes Fullscreen was a challenge within stream; didn't cover the entire screen
We should talk Lutris yes Natively for Linux available.
Ryse: Son of Rome Steam Steam yes Experienced frame drops.
Rebel Galaxy Epic Lutris yes Refused to start ultrawide, FullHD worked.

My XBox Controller was immediately recognized but the keys were not mapped correctly by default.

My Setup

Hardware: Desktop PC
  • Ryzen 5 2600X
  • 32 GB RAM
  • RTX 3080 Ti
  • UWQHD Widescreen
  • 2TB SSD (for Games)
My Linux:
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Kernel 5.15
  • Gnome Desktop
  • X11
  • Steam
  • Lutris

Install launchers:

sudo apt-get install steam
sudo apt-get install lutris

Install games

Definitely do not install the games on a Windows partition. Steam uses Symlinks, which does not work using NTFS or FAT32.


Actually, simply install via the Steam Client and you're good.

Start all games using Proton

In Steam > Settings under Steam Play tick the additional Box, to start all games using Proton.


Once you downloaded a game somewhere, unzip it to a folder of your choice.

  • Add the new game under "Wine" in the menu.
  • As executable you give the full path to the start file of the game.
  • As work directory you give the full path to the folder that contains the start file.
  • Save and run.

Tip: Lutris does not start any game?

Problem (probably related to using the Steam Beta Client): Lutris does not start any game.

Important: The problem is solved with Lutris version 0.5.10 but this is not yet part of Ubuntu (as of may 2022).

The developers offer a Debian package on their github.

Lutris & Epic

2 Options:

  1. Install the Epic Client and use it like the Steam Client.
    • Lutris opens with a installation dialog.
    • Follow the instructions, everything gets configured.
    • Start the Epic Games Store like a game and games from within.
  2. Connect your Epic acount to Lutris and manage games within Lutris
    • In the Sources menu choose "Epic Games Store" and click that Connect button.
    • Follow the instructions to connect your account.
    • You library gets fetched and viewed.
    • Install and run games directly from Lutris.


To see how well a game performs, you can check ProtonDB before you purchase.

Games recently still marked "borked" will most likely not work.

Return polocy

If a game runs very poorly or not at all is inconvenient. Steam has a return policy that allows to return a game withing 14 days as long as you played less than 2 hours. Epic has a similar policy.

Special offers

Keep an yes on Steam Special, weekend game tryout offers and Sales.

Epic still hands out a very good game once a week for free.

Indiegala gives free games now and then.

At Humble Bundle you can subscribe and receive monthly game bundles - often much cheaper than the games.

Other gameplatforms:

If you're looking for a bargain, check this out:

Find out if you're using Wayland or Xorg


Tipp: directories are broken after unzip

Especially Indiegala downloads often are ZIPs that are compressed with wrong directory separators (\ instead of /). A little Script helps:

cd MyGame

# Repair:
for file in *\\*; do target="${file//\\//}"; mkdir -p "${target%/*}"; mv -v "$file" "$target"; done