Relaxed travel planning in 4 columns

"I must have forgotten something" - this was always my biggest concern when travelling.

On the first few travels I always wrote lists with all the things to pack.

But since several years I now "misuse" a Kanban-Board for this.

This board, once created, can be re-used on every travel.

The columns:

  • Suitcase
  • packpack
  • Last-minute
  • Not this time

Planning the luggage

To plan a new trip, I re-arrange the entries of the board. What I do not need this time, gets moved to the culumns "not this time". This way, on the next travel, I can reconsider and pull it back in.

I have this habit of iteratively checking the entire list instead of relying on ticked-off entries. Sometime I still want to visualize what I packed already and mark the entries with a color.


These are things that I will only need at the destination. Also, items that cannot be in my backpack due to the airport security check.

  • clothing
  • devices and cables
  • sunscreen
  • book
  • hygiene bag
  • deoderant


Everything I need between departure and arrival. The weather forecast of this timeframe helps deciding where the umbrella will go.

  • smartphone
  • laptop
  • passport
  • tickets
  • umbrella


A few thing are in use until the day of departure and have to be packed last-minute. These are the things most often left behind.

  • dental splint
  • Phone charger
  • cremes
  • wallet

Not this time

Some trips require special equipment. If they are not needed this time, move them away but keep them close to reconsider in the future.

  • company laptop
  • travel adapter
  • hat and scarf
  • walking sticks

My tool

For the Kanban Board I use Trello.
But the tool isn't really important as long as it's digital and works with an App.