Passing customs at the airport quickly for Dummies

After a recent ridiculous procedure at the airport I hereby take the opportunity to tell you something about my packaging strategy to not annoy every one in line behind me.

These 3 things you can usually take on the plane:

1 x hand luggage suitcase
1 x backpack
1 x pockets in your jacket/trouser

Goal: pass customs as quickly as possible and with no remarks.

This is how I do it:

My strategy

In my trouser I usually carry my smartphone, wallet and change.
Before customs I move everyhing from the trouser into either backback or jacket.

  • change, keys, smartphone, wallet, anything metal.

The belt goes off directly as well..

The backpack contains EVERY electronic devices and batteries.

  • laptop, powerbank, headphones, tablet, eBook-reader, …

The backpack also contains my bottle-/cream-pack.

  • A small transparent sealable plastic bag with maximum 1 liter in volume.
  • Every cream or fluid must not exceed 100ml.

Now prepare everything in boxes for the scanner.

  1. Box: electronic devices, smartphone, batteries, bottle-/cream-pack out of the backpack
  2. Box: the backpack
  3. Box: the jacket with everying from the trouser and the belt
  4. Box: hand luggage suitcase

The hand luggage suitcase in consequence contains only cloths, books and such.
There should be NOTHING in the suitcase that I may need before I arrive at my destination.

Packed this way, you can even effortlessly check in the suitcase spontanuously without and wander around a bit more freely on the airport.


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