Link Diary Oktober 2023

Linux Presentation Day is coming up!

This time Tübingen & Reutlingen join forces in the Tübingen library on November 18th.
It'll all be around Linux on the Desktop and daily use.

How to REALLY shut down windows?

What looks off may just be hybernate, leaving NTFS harddrives inaccessible by Linux in a Dual Boot scenario.

Enter this and it will shut down for real.

shutdown -s -t 00

Connect a bluetooth device via commandline

I just bought a Keychron K3 Pro and wanted to use it via bluetooth.
Since I use i3, I wanted to do it via commandline instead of a Gnome settings dialog.
This is how to discover a device and pair it via command line:

hcitool scan  # to get the MAC address of your device
agent on
scan on  # wait for your device's address to show up here
scan off

Maybe also helpful:

Ran into swap and do not recover?

swapoff -a # takes a while
swapon -a 

Ubuntu 23.10 not offered to upgrade?

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