Link Diary December 2023

Reset MAID on Android

Once you reset your "Mobile Advertisement ID" (MAID), advertisers have to start fresh to profile you. Can help to get out of ad filter bubbles one has been put in by "the algorithms".

That's how it worked for me on my Android So geht's bei mir. Ich habe ein Android 11, Xiaomi Mi 10.

  1. Open Android settings
  2. Click "Google"
  3. Click "Ads"
  4. Click "Reset adverting ID".

If you want to know how google profiled you, this can be interesting:

  1. Open the "Google" App.
  2. Click your Profile image.
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Click "Privacy & Security"
  5. Click "Ads personalization"

I stumbled upon it watching the 37C3 talk "Die Akte Xandr: Ein tiefer Blick in den Abgrund der Datenindustrie" (german), but the links there seemed outdated.

Steam Favourites gone?

Help! My "Favourites" Category is gone! And no setting to be found to bring them back, OMG … well…

In my case, it seems an update has removed all my favourites.
Having no favourites, also does not show the category anymore.
Adding a Game to Favourites again does the job.

When you need to know emo-triggers in movies beforehand

Some people cannot handle dogs dying in movies apparantly. Anyway, this website warns you and features all sorts of other triggers.

Switch axes of a LibreOffice table

You need the table in LibreOffice Calc.

  1. Mark the table and copy it.
  2. Paste it using Strg-Shift+V
  3. In the dialog click "Transpose all"

Advent of Code & Python

Things I searched for to solve parts of the challenges.

Search & Replace in String with groups

re.sub(r"<regex-with-groups>", r"<mytext>\1\2, str))

Replace without regex

txt.replace("bananas", "apples")

Convert all strings in a list to int

list = [int(x) for x in listOfString)]

or faster

list = map(int, listOfString)

Switch-case syntax

match checkValue: 
  case "foo":
    print("That's foo!")
  case "bar" | "baz":
    print("So bar/z!")
  case checkValue if len(checkValue) > 3:
  case _:
    print("The fallback")

Loop through a list by two's

for i in range(0,10,2):

Loop backwards through a list

range() ends one early which is usually desireable in forward-loops.

for i in range(len(list)-1,-1,-1):

ceil & floor

import math

Replace only the first occurance

txt.replace("bananas", "apples", 1)

abs, min and max


Find value in a dictionary

if "value" in dictionary.values():

Sort a dictionary by keys

sorted_dict = dict(sorted(my_dict.items()))

Sort a list backwards

list.sort( reverse=True )

Initialize a set

mySet = set(())

Increase recursion depth limit

import sys

Get the smallest item of a list

Get the position of an element in a list

pos = -1
  pos = list.index(search)

Find intersection point of 2 vectors

Finding the shortest path using Dijkstra

Advent of Code & Bash

One challenge looked like it could be solved on bash, this is what I researched while doing it.

Get the first line of a file

input=`head -1 $input`;

Get the length of a variable


Loop through all characters of a string

for ((i = 0; i < $length;i++)); do

Only get the matching part of a grep

grep -o "this.*that" myfile.txt

Search & Replace with groups using sed

sed "s/\(...\)/\1/";

Add 1 to an int

# some loop...

Video Picks

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Loosing weight quick

Sounds reasonable to "simply" put a heavy excercise long before the first meal. But doing so is not easy.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Recipe for an indian sweet

Make Kaju Katli yourself. The standard sweet that gets brought back from India.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Bullet Journal base concept

Aside of the beauty a bullet journal can be, this is the core principle and it works like a charm.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Interview with the inventor of the Bullet Journal

He has ADHD and tried everything until he arrived at this concept. To hear his insights to the discovery is very inspiring.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
A song about caring

Makes me smile.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Bassist hears Maxwell Murder

His first listen and he's impressed with Matt Freeman's walking bass lines.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Life and struggle of Tim Armstrong

He made his way up with what he got. And it ended great, though it didn't start great.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Viral chinese math problem solved

This nicely explains how to dissect a big problem into several small problems to come to the solution.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Practical coding with ChatGPT

As you see, the amount of revising instruction can easily amount to the work needed without it. But only if you would know how to code.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Demographics and the end of the world

Very interesting to see what influence demographics have on the wealth of a country. He compares, US, Canada, Mexico and largely China to predict production dynamics.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Addictive learning

How can learning be (almost) as addictive as casual games? Nice insights in the founding of Duolingo.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Folding a bookmark

A little Origami exercise.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Housetour at Asmongold's

Afaik he (co-)owns three companies and should earn quite a bit with streaming. However his lifestyle is more than down to earth. He literally lives a simple life.


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