Link Diary November 2023

Sammle noch. Still collecting

Many Linux to install on one USB stick

Ventoy is the tool of choice. Once the stick is prepared simply copy the ISO images onto it and it just works.

In contrast to regular ISOs you cannot use ``dd`` to bring it over. Instead (when you are on Linux) use the Script that is included in the Linux Download.
The stick will appear empty. Now copy the ISOs and boot from it.

sudo ./ -i /dev/sdX # /dev/sdX is your sticks device (deletes all!)

Video Picks

Why are there so many weird brand names on Amazon?

A realy interesting countermeasure with real world governmantal effects. And still nobody cares and it has basically not effect on the quality.

What a fake, so elegantly debunked

You've probably seen the video where a magican transports a card through glass to an ape and the ape picks up the card on the other side. Well, it's fake. But how was it done?

Marina Live

One of my favourite singers, recorded live at the Lollapalooza in 2022.

2D and 3D mixed for art

An artists describes her way of combining 2D and 3D for her art. Very interesting insights to great talent and also a heartbreak I relate to.


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