Link Diary March 2023

Videos, Artikel und andere Links, die ich mir diesen Monat angeschaut habe, mir merken und gleichzeitig teilen möchte.

Still collecting …

While finding resources on GPT ...

Stable Diffusion WebUI

More options than the Simple Diffusion UI. You can add models like this one: Modern Disney Style and have fun with it.


Another stable diffusion frontend.

Images seem to be better. Multiple special pretrained models available directly.
I had to create the "outputs" folder before the WebUI could be started.


Voice cloning with Tortoise TTS

Simple Backup with rsync

# -> to sync folderX into folderY/folderX
rsync -avc /the/source/folderX /the/target/folderY/

Digital Comic Book Readers for Linux

Learn Ubuntu the latest nodejs version

I wanted to install Strapi on my cloudatcost machine for experimenting.
Unfortunately the nodejs version of my selected Ubuntu 22.04 was at 12.x even after an apt get update; apt get upgrade. 16.x was the minimum requirement, 18.x recommended.

This is what I found:

sudo apt purge nodejs libnode72 libnode-dev
curl -sL -o
sudo bash ./
sudo apt install -y nodejs

Moving a local git repository to remote

… keeping all commits and branches …

git remote add origin
git push --all origin
git push --tags origin

Problem was the existing "main" branch in my case which I could neither merge not rebase properly… which I then circumvented by renaming mine and pushing this instead.

git branch -m main develop

Remember SSH passwords with ssh-agent


  • you can already log in with your SSH key by entering a passphrase - every time.
  • You use the .ssh/config file to define which user and key is used for which domain.
sudo apt install "openssh-server"
eval `ssh-agent`
ssh-add ~/.ssh/my-private-key

View SSL Certificate

# full
openssl s_client -showcerts -connect
# only dates
openssl s_client -connect 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates

Video Picks

Disney Filter with Stable Diffusion

Rice Bread

Blender: fluffy stuff

Erinnerung: Heinz Erhardt

Clean Code vs Performance

Metal for mental health

The truth is funny

AI depth map in video

How to start a speech

Light is a wave

Blender at Studio

Be an idiot!

Stable diffusion: Foto to art

Learning ARK

100 years men fashion

100 years women fashion

Try a denutter

Powerpoint mistakes


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