Link Diary February 2024

Still collecting

Convert webfonts into Linux system fonts

Saw a nice webfont? You can download the woff2 files by finding them in the DevTools Network tab.

To convert them to ttf, you need woff2 tools

sudo apt install woff2
woff2_decompress fontfile.woff2

If the newly created font has issues being installed, you may use FontForge to try fix it. Sometimes it's just the name, which can be adjusted there easily.

Installing FlatHub on Ubuntu

Ubuntu uses Snap, while the world is using Flatpack.

Solved PHP module compile error with apprentice.lo

Error: Warning: end of file in string apprentice.lo

Increase memory of your VM to 4GB and it'll run through.

Regex Cheatsheet

Found a pretty good cheat sheet for everyday regex.

Nerdy Comics

Create a bootable Linux USB Stick using Windows

For me, the "Universal USB Installer" is the most uncomplicated way to do this.

The latest version will use Ventoy, which is awesome because with a large enough USB stick you can then simply copy ISO files into the directories of the stick.

Enterprise Architecture overview

Based on the book "A practice of Enterprise Architecture", this is the essence. Still worth reading the book, though, otherwise a lot of context is lost.

Also by Svyatoslav Kotusev: "Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: The Fad of the Century"

Barbie in a Blender

Apparently this is a thing. July, 27th. Since 1997.

Learn Drawing

I watched a video about "How to draw better than 99% of people" where "Draw A Box" was mentioned.

This sounds like a profound way to get solid drawing muscle memory. I might try it.

Half a million old vinyls provides a huge archive of digitalized old vinyls.

Password stolen?

There are hacks and data leaks happening here and there and on one or another website, maybe your email and password was extracted. Now, hope you didn't use this elsewhere, or did you?

It's a good idea to check if you were in any of such leaks using

And to

  • have a different password everywhere that's reasonably hard to guess.
  • change passwords every once in a while
  • activate 2-factor authentication
  • use a password manager to keep track

Cyberpunk team culture change fixed the game

The interesting story from a hirrible release and a success story afterwards by … giving responsibility to the team to make good decisions.

The Senior Developer is also still learning

The difference might be, that he knows that this is the case.

Finally the first ethically responsible AI

I have the feeling it will not kill ChatGPT. ;-)

The Coding Train

Stumbled upon this channel, where the trainer walks you through the development of the solution to a a certain problem with a fun attitude. Mistakes will be made and that's fine, that's what coding is about, so we learn. Some call him the "Bob Ross of Coding"

Video Picks

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
African elder about life

In this interview an africal elder is interviewed about nature, society and life questions.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Refactoring hands-on

He refactors a working software, using unit tests to verify it works properly.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
I Agile bad for programming

The Agile Manifasto holds up, but the blind adaption of frameworks have turned the agile way of development to a brainless and contradicting process.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Improve your handwriting

From motion to letters to words to sentences. This excercise works well also for learning to write with a specific Font.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
The 12-factor-app explained

To build for a modern scalable tech stack, the 12-factor-app can provide the guardrails.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
The news in US and Germany compared

An american observing the german news in its boring neutrality with the entertainment-approach of the US.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
How to eat Hotpot

A nice introduction to th delicious group experience of Chinese Hotpot.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Abuse of artists using AI

This scam is really an asshole move on artists. Requesting a free hand-drawn sketch to then "finishing it" with AI and selling it without any credits to the artist.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Drawing fur

Nice technique to draw realistic fur step by step.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Pee in a pool

Not sure if I wanted to know that? The approximate the amount of pee in a pool with science!

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
VOMIT journaling

A set of effective approaches to have an idea what to journal about and how it can lift your mental health.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Ancient math simplification

A very clever approach that would have made math so much easier back in the days.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Make My Logo Bigger Cream

A classic that is as relevant today as it was in the 2000s.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
5 minutes of meditation

Coming home from work with unrest, brain pudding and no mood to do anything productive?

These 5 minute mediations do the trick for me. After that I'm as good as new and can do something with energy.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Youtube Preview/Vorschau


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