Link Diary April 2024

Missing global config files for Linux apps

Often the global config files are fto be found in /etc/, but what if not and you know there's hell to configure? Have a look in /usr/share/doc/<app> and you may be lucky.

The files I searched for belonged to polybar and picom.

Code skill platforms

Video Picks

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Custom Controller

This guy builds a controller that better suits FPS games. Amazing skills.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
JavaScript Event Loop

Beautifully and well explained JavaScript event loop mechanics for asynchronuous execution on a single thread.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
The idiot index

A make or buy decision should be reasoned well and unjust interrim solutions removed quickly.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Dark humor

Great compilation really dark and edgy jokes of YeahMad.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
OKR Workshop Guide

Nice walkthrough of how a OKR workshop can be set up.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
How events work in Linux

What actually happens in the kernel, when an event like and interrupt occurs and what happens to running programs.

Youtube Preview/Vorschau
Hacking governments

Scary research on how blackhat hackers can do serious damage that affects entire populations, showing how important security measures are.


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