Link Diary October 2022

Blender Conference 2022 has just finished

Add a linebreak using CSS

    content: "\a";
    white-space: pre;

How to avoid query string appending using Apache Redirect

Add a questionmark at the end of the target URL.

Redirect 302 /lpd /de/heureka/zocken-beim-linux-presentation-day-2022.2?

i3wm: Enable numlock on startup

# sudo apt install numlockx


exec_always --no-startup-id numlockx on

Tracking my Godot education progress as Github Wiki

I collected some challenges, which I will tackle. Whenever one is done, the essence goes to a small article there.

Huge database of free game assets

Some Godot Addons that look like fun

If you ever want to write a story

German Online Stores for used/refurbished gadgets

Hessicher NSU Abschlussbericht 2012 mehr als 100 Jahre zu früh veröffentlicht

Videos Picks

Jacob Collier on melodies

Keep farts funny

Sweet Anita Interview

GameDevLog. Love the energy.

Aurora and Pomme

nice Ecosystem

Amish move an entire house

Leslie Nielsen farting

A diet with heavy impact.

Godot Coyote Time and Jump Buffering

Gaming with Starlink in the open

Animating a natural turn around

Godot 2D Game Course #1

Godot 2D Game Course #2

Blender Geometry Nodes Course

Pomme Petite Concert

Particle physics in ball box