Link Diary May 2022

Videos, articles and other links I stumbled upon in may 2022, which I want to remember and share.

Visual Studio Code: Console shows no underscore

Solution: Increase the font size of the terminal. 15 worked for me.

Visual Studio Code Multiline Magic

Pressing Shift+Alt you can select blocks, editing on multiple places at once.

Adding something to unequally long lines:
Select multiline on the very left, then press End.

Merge multiple lines to one:
Select multiline on the very left, then press End. Then press Del

Gamin with Linux: Linux Presentation Day

We played 10 of my 1000+ games randomly and played them with Steam and Lutris.

Spoiler: every game was playable.

The article: Gaming with Linux - Linux Presentation Day 2022.1

grep for multiple patterns at once

grep 'pattern1\|pattern2' file

Get the UUID of a harddrive

Sudoku to train concentration

Videos picks

Tornado in Kansas on CCTV

Operation Ivy Reunion

Gas tanker explodes.

Why RimWorld stands out

Funny: Typical Linux user?

(german) Kindgerechtes Ballerspiel: Postamt

UEFI, SecureBoot & TPM rant

(german) Funny: Handwerker vs Tonne

Frog on glass