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Ubuntu 22.04 - change immediately


This weekend I installed Ubuntu 22.04.
These are the things I immediately changed after the installation.

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Windows Security blocks FileZilla installation


I got this error in german, it vagely stated, I could not open the installer because the file possibly contains undesired software or a virus.

Indeed it did. The prominent download link on lets you download a file called something like "FileZilla_3.59.0_win64_sponsored2-setup.exe". This contains adware. Not cool.

With the link "Show additional download options" you get access to the clean downloads.

Install Windows 10 and immediately upgrade to Windows 11


I thought I reinstall my entire Windows / Linux Setup and for Windows I upgrade immediately from Windows 10 to Windows 11. It's free, so why not.

Unfortunately, even after hours of installing all the updates, Windows didn't offer me the upgrade to Windows 11.

Finally I used the "Netinstaller" from Microsoft and did it this way.

vim for the lazy

vim alongside emacs are the most powerful editors on the linux terminal.

vi, or more specifically vim is pre-installed most of the time, sometimes even configured as standard editor.

vim can do anything you'd expect from a proper text editor without even looking at the mouse. This on the other hand causes a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to keyboard shortcuts.

If you you now and then "have to" use vim, this is the most basic shortcut cheat sheet that should get you through the day:

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