An Instant Coffee Software Quality Analogy

This is based on a dream, yes, it has some flaws but you may still get the idea.

Imagine you have a shelf with glass containers that is perfectly set up.
You put different things in glass containers to avoid seeing the ads on their original containers.
It would look just too messy for you and the appeal to your kitchen is just amazing this way.
The space is perfectly used, a place for everything, everything in its place and no space left.

One day you realize coffee powder will run low soon and ask a friend to buy you a package of coffee so you can fill up.

Your friend has never seen you kitchen or the idea behind your shelf organisation approach.

The same afternoon he stops by and hands you a package of coffee. Once opened you realize it’s Instant Coffee.
You already paid and opened it. Returning is not an option. Wasting it seems to neither be an option.

Now how to deal with this Instant Coffee that came into your possession and is demanding a place to be put?

Solutions that come to mind, may be …

You may put the instant coffee box into the shelf. Your nice glass arrangement and the approach to not see any manufacturer names goes down the drain.

You may throw away that very good coffee powder that you still have and replace it with the Instant Coffee.
That would make you very sad of course because you still love that coffee plus you actually do not like instant coffee all that much.

Drive to your friend’s home and throw the opened Instant Coffee at him and yell at him to return the money because he bought the wrong thing and he’s messing up your whole kitchen with this stupid mistake. Your friendship would have a difficult time after that.

Buy an additional glass for instant coffee. Problem is, you do not have space for an additional glass.
Now you could extend the shelf, say with a board to make temporary room for the additional glass.
Of course that messes up your whole shelf appearance. Just imagine one of your dear friends comes to visit and asks why this looks so off and you have to explain this situation.

Buy two glasses of half the height and fill one with coffee powder and one with instant coffee.
That would of course make your glasses arrangement asymetrical and it’s appeal will suffer.

You may get rid of one of the other glasses, throw away its content and fill this glass with Instant Coffee.
But it seems your perfect set of ingredients cannot spare any of the other items, otherwise you’d have problems cooking at a later point in time.

As a more keen solutions you could consider rearranging your kitchen to make it possible to store Coffee powder and instant coffee nicely without making any compromises. Planning the new kitchen of course takes away your quality time with your wife and children, the kitchen will not be usable for a couple of weeks so you would take your family to restaurants for lunch and dinner in the meanwhile. But in the end it would pay off, right? Right?

The solution that we may have thought in the beginning but is sometimes also a very good solution for a failed software increment delivery:
Forget about the cost and throw away the delivery because trying to deal with it will just make you unhappy for a very long time.

Dreams are weird.

An indian idiom says „When you’re riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to get off“

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