Geek to style #2

After getting the basics right, let’s dive into office clothing.
Again, I try to summarize simple guidelines that are easily applied.

Let’s recap the basics:

  • Combine 3 colors at most
  • Shoes match belt
  • Socks match trousers
  • Keep your undershirt invisible

Quality over quantity

When shopping for cloths go for high quality cloths of natural fiber to extend your wardrobe.
That means: Cotton, whool, silk, maybe even cashmire. Polyester should not be on the fabric ingredients – and if, only very little.
Using these natural materials makes the cloths more expensive but so much more comfortable to wear.

Go for monocolor dress shirts

Patterns in whatever shapes make combining cloths more difficult.
Must have dress shirt colors are: white and light blue. These combine with pretty much everything.

Choose Chinos over Jeans

Chinos have a very appealing cut. They are available in various colors and are perfect to combine a serious office outfit.
Must have color: light brown, because again, it combines easily with pretty much everything.

Classic shoe styles have class

The more pattern a shoe has, the less formal it is.
Drop the sports shoes and go for a classic leather type.
Must have color: black.
Must have type: Oxford.

A grey undershirt is seamless

White undershirts shine through white shirts. Grey ones that match your skin tone won’t.
Choose a v-neck though, so your shirt looks good unbuttoned.

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