Geek to style #1

People judge by appearance and your appearance attempts to tell way more than you may think. It plays its own role in non-verbal communication.
You’re a little nerdy but don’t feel taken seriously at work?
Propably a lack of style sense plays a role.

Now follow a couple of style guidelines I learned while working at HUGO BOSS in IT as well as from books and quite some Youtube channels.

This covers the basics, that are rather easy to apply. More articles will follow.

The most basic style guidelines

Combine 3 colors at most.

If you have mixed color items on you (e.g. shit) try to reuse some of the colors.
White does not count as a „color“.

Shoes match belt.

Black shoes, black belt. Brown shoes, brown belt.
There’s no guideline I know when wearing colorful sports shoes. At work: avoid wearing them.

Socks match trousers.

Match your socks to your trousers rather than your shoes.
Black or dark blue socks work for most occasions though.

Keep your undershirt invisible.

If you go with an open button on your shirt, make sure you wear a V-neck or wide cut undershirt.
Showing the undershirt isn’t elegant.

Keep your undershirt invisible #2.

Avoid wearing a white T-Shirt under a white dress shirt.
This goes hand in hand with the beforementioned guideline.
The edge will be visible and that’s ugly.

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