An Ogre3D project template for Visual Studio

Configuring an Ogre3D project always requires some initial work. That sucks to do all the time, especially when doing the tutorials. A project template is the perfect solution for this, containing all the configuration.

» Download the Visual Studio (2012) Project Template now!

It’s as simple as can be: 

  • Copy the file „Ogre3D – empty“ to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Templates\ProjectTemplates
  • Extract the Ogre3D SDK to e.g. C:\OgreSDK\ (up to you)
    • Note: the „Samples“ folder is directly in this directory after extraction.
  • Create a folder „Projects“ in the SDK folder (the template assumes that location).

From now on, you can simply do:

  • Start Visual Studio and create a „File → New → Project“
  • Chose „Ogre3D – empty project“ from „Other Languages → Visual C++“
  • Name your Project and Project Map in the same dialog.
  • Select your Projects folder (e.g. „C:\OgreSDK\Projects\„) as location.
  • Build/Run the application from within Visual Studio.
    • Note: you should see the engine selection and after that a black screen with the Ogre3D Logo and FPS information.

What’s in it?

  • Set up for Ogre3D 1.9
  • All paths are relative, going 3 levels up to the Ogre3D SDK (remember, we assume that).
  • It uses Project-SLN-Folder/Debug and Project-SLN-Folder/Release as output directory.
  • After compilation, the dll files are copied from the SDK to the output directory
  • The configuration files are also copied to the output directory
    • Note: for starting from within VS they need to be located in the Project-SLN-Folder/Project folder. To start directly via EXE they are required to be in the output directory.

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